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Business Continuity Plan Management

The state of business continuity is continually evolving, but is your business's plan also evolving? Have you updated it to consider things like ransomware attacks? Have you included sufficient detail on contingency planning? And what plans have you made about service providers? Are you even focusing on the right things in your planning? Perhaps it's time to take a new look at your plan and consider some of the new dangers we face in the digital era as well as some new approaches to planning.  

Cyber Issues

As the quote in this issue indicates, cybersecurity is no longer just the purview of the IT department. Everyone in the organization -- from the C-suite down -- is responsible for some aspect of this problem. This issue looks at cybersecurity from various viewpoints and even provides information on adding cyber scenarios to your business continuity exercises. Try it! 

Cloud Computing - Friend or Foe?

In a matter of years, cloud computing has become an option for many companies and for many reasons. Yet there is still only a fairly small percentage of folks who have parked their data in the cloud. Is it right for your company? This week we look at a number of issues that might affect your decision, from strategies to data risks to what to do if your provider goes bust to how to select that provider in the first place. 

Workplace Violence - Causes & Mitigation

If you follow the news, it's clear that violence in the workplace is becoming all too frequent. It arises from many causes and threatens employers and employees alike. This issue provides helpful information on workplace violence, its causes, and ways to mitigate it. Read on and think about how you can decrease the likelihood in your workplace. 

Testing & Exercising Your Business Continuity Plan

We think everyone is aware by now that a written plan is nothing more than that... words on paper. Until you test/exercise it, it will be nothing more. Maybe some of your assumptions are wrong or maybe employees don't really understand what they need to do. Key people could be out of town when you need them; who picks up the slack? Only exercising the plan will show you what works and what doesn't so you can do something to improve it. This issue could help. 

Risk Assessment and Planning

How do you handle risk in your organization? Do you do an assessment before you write or review your plan? After your plan? Are you a risk avoider? Take a look at this issue for some info about risk and how to handle it.  

Safety and Security during Workplace Emergencies

Everything you read focuses on a couple of things about workplace emergencies: be aware and be prepared. Communication is important, as are drills, training, and the development of emergency procedures. This issue covers all these things and more and provides food for thought about the status of your emergency preparedness.  

Meeting & Event Crisis Response Planning

When the going gets tough... meeting and event planners step up! It's what you do, right? We know that there's no such thing as a perfect meeting and event, so it's always good to refresh what you know and increase your arsenal to handle problems and disruptions. Try these articles for some additional perspectives.