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Three (More) Things You Must Do When Your Event Crisis Plan is "Finished"

Developing a crisis management plan for a meeting or event takes a lot of work and coordination and finishing it is a serious accomplishment. What are you going to do with that plan now that it's finished? Sure, you'll send it around to the C-Suite and other relevant parties, who will no doubt congratulate you (deservedly) on a job well done. Go ahead and pat yourself and your team on the back, but this is no time to rest on your laurels because the job is far from over 

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Three Keys to Handling Risk for your Next Meeting/Event

For every event or meeting, you have a plan. In fact, you may have several plans - fire safety plans, evacuation plans, and other types of emergency procedures in place. You also may have plans to deal with threats and acts of terrorism. You've carefully identified, evaluated and planned for the most likely risks. But, as much as you have a comprehensive, integrated plan in place to protect people and property, there always are things you can't even anticipate, never mind plan for. This doesn't mean they won't happen. In the immortal words of Murphy, anything that can go wrong will. So, even when you've identified all the known risks, there still may be surprises. 

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Top 6 Effective Tabletop Exercise Scenarios for Business Continuity

Business continuity plans alone aren't enough to ensure organizations can overcome unexpected situations. These strategies must be tested, revised to cover critical vulnerabilities and tested again. Conducting a Tabletop Exercise scenario can help train staff, raise their levels of awareness of the business continuity plan and verify their capabilities to communicate, respond and recover from various events. Check out one of these top six scenarios for your next Tabletop Exercise.

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How Can a Tabletop Exercise Improve Your Business Continuity Plan?

Disasters come in a wide variety of forms including natural weather events, workplace violence, and cyberattacks. These situations often occur unexpectedly and come with heavy tolls for victims. In fact, more than 40 percent of organizations don't reopen after a disaster, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A large part of this could be due to inadequate recovery strategies and prolonged downtime costs.

To avoid this situation, organizations are increasingly implementing business continuity plans to detail response and recovery processes to navigate and overcome emergencies. However, simply establishing a Business Continuity Plan might not be enough. A Tabletop Exercise can improve your planning in a number of ways:

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Why Should We Invest in Tabletop Exercises?

Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver optimal performance and serve customer needs. However, what would happen if your operations were disrupted? What if critical systems were breached or your facilities were completely inaccessible? Tabletop Exercises are becoming a major necessity to combat these situations and ensure a well-planned response. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in Tabletop Exercises.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Next Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Exercises serve as critical tools for organizations to evaluate their business continuity plans and advance their processes. Like most other training methods, Tabletop Exercises cannot remain stagnant. They must be evaluated and further developed over time to include new considerations and opportunities. By following these five tips, you can improve your next Tabletop Exercise and impart essential skills to all participants.

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Who Should Participate in Your Next Tabletop Exercise?

Tabletop Exercises impart a significant amount of information regarding communication, response, and recovery skills needed for various scenarios. These simulations can take time to complete, and not everyone will be required or be able to join. Organizations must assess what staff members will benefit most from these exercises and what potential roles they play if a real event should occur. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding who should participate in your next Tabletop Exercise.

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How to Conduct an Effective Tabletop Exercise

Proactive education and training is an essential part of maintaining business continuity and preparing for unexpected events. However, even if an organization has a documented business continuity plan, some employees might not know what's in it, or the strategy might never have been tested. Tabletop Exercises from Attainium can help companies gain the knowledge they need to recover and respond to a variety of situations.

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New White Paper:
Site Selection Safety

Image of our white paper entitled "Site Selection Safety"

Event Planners can prevent, mitigate & prepare for many safety/security issues. To ensure that your attendees will be safe, read this white paper, then revisit your Site Selection process.