Business Continuity Tabletop Exercises 

Tabletop Exercises that Test Your Business Continuity Planning

To ensure that your Business Continuity Plan will work when disaster strikes, Attainium designs, develops, and delivers innovative custom Tabletop Exercises and drills based on real-life events. We provide scenario training that targets specific objectives like improving decision-making skills and increasing overall plan awareness.

Our Tabletop Exercises target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities that concern you and focus on the emergency response, crisis management, and disaster recovery skills you want to improve. Our expert facilitators conduct both on-site and virtual Tabletop Exercises.

What are Tabletop Exercises?

Tabletop Exercises are functional exercises designed to help prepare your team to react promptly and decisively in a crisis. Our facilitator conducts tabletop sessions in an informal classroom setting that can be on-site or virtual. This allows your team members to discuss their roles and responsibilities during an incident while working through various scenarios to define the appropriate responses to specific emergency situations.

The facilitator expertly guides your team members through one or more potential scenarios. Exercises can last from 90 minutes to four hours, based on the scope and breadth of the scenarios to be explored. Depending on your industry, facility, size of your team, and types of risks, you may choose to segment your team or have exercises created for each department.

Our Tabletop Exercise scenarios allow you to address specific scenarios with, for example, your staff in charge of physical operations or cyber incidents like ransomware with your IT team. Since the exercises are tailored to your specific organization, there won’t be any confusion or need to stop and address inconsistencies between the exercise and your planning. Each scenario can focus on the staff directly impacted.

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How Tabletop Exercises support your business continuity plan


Tabletop Exercises for business continuity help your team imagine a crisis scenario and work on their emergency preparedness as individuals and as a team. It’s a chance for everyone to clarify their roles and responsibilities and put them into practice in a low-risk environment.

Suppose a similar incident occurs in the future. In that case, everyone will know exactly what to do and when to do it, making it possible to carry out your business continuity plan with calm efficiency. Exercise objectives include ensuring everyone knows and understands their assigned tasks and revealing weaknesses in your current emergency response plan.

Choosing an effective Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Exercise storylines can cover a wide range of scenarios. Depending on your industry, you may have physical concerns, like the safety and security of your facility, and virtual concerns, like maintaining communication with your clients or protecting your data.

Preparedness and planning should include your team’s emergency response to cybersecurity incidents. These threats are becoming increasingly common and genuinely threaten your company’s business continuity. Our Tabletop Exercises can include multiple scenarios covering all situations, whether you are concerned about a natural disaster or a cyber incident.

Conducting a successful Tabletop Exercise

Developing a plan and imagining scenarios isn’t enough to prepare your team properly. The right Tabletop Exercise provider will give you completely customized and tailored scenarios, plus the support of skilled facilitators to guide your team through each functional exercise.

The goal of Tabletop Exercises is to strengthen and enhance your company's emergency preparedness. While you can lead your team through a Tabletop Exercise, we recommend using our skilled facilitators. This will ensure you fully realize exercise objectives and identify where your existing incident response plan may have weak spots.

We can come to you and facilitate your Tabletop Exercise session on-site or conduct the exercises virtually if you prefer. You’ll get the same customized experience with Tabletop Exercises tailored for your industry and chosen scenarios, delivered remotely for the safety and convenience of your team.

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Customized Tabletop Exercises from Attainium

Each custom Tabletop Exercise is designed for your objectives and then developed and delivered to your team by Attainium’s expert staff. The scenarios target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities you are concerned about and focus on the response, communications, recovery, or other skills you want to exercise.

We work with you throughout the entire process, from defining your Tabletop Exercise objectives to determining who should participate to delivering the finished Tabletop Exercise. Our expert facilitators can conduct both on-site and virtual Tabletop Exercises.

Need a quick refresh? Try Conduct-It-Yourself Tabletop Exercises

While we strongly recommend our customized and facilitated Tabletop Exercises to test your planning and train your team thoroughly, you may want to have a “refresher course” for training between live sessions.

Our “Off The Shelf” Conduct It Yourself Tabletop Exercises are available for a wide variety of industries and target many different threats and hazards. Each Conduct It Yourself Tabletop Exercise includes a complete scenario and all of the instructions needed to conduct it. It can be run “as is” or modified to meet your needs and exercise objectives.

You can purchase these Conduct It Yourself Tabletop Exercises from our online store.

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