Tabletop Exercises

To ensure that your Business Continuity Plan will work when disaster strikes, Attainium designs, develops and delivers innovative Tabletop Exercises and drills that are based on real events. Our Tabletop Exercises target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities that concern you and focus on the emergency response, crisis management and disaster recovery skills you want to improve. Exercises can be conducted on-site by our facilitators or purchased on our website as a Conduct It Yourself™ Tabletop Exercise. Our tabletop exercises are available in lengths ranging from 90 minutes to 4 hours.

Conduct It Yourself Tabletop Exercises

These "Off The Shelf" Tabletop Exercises are available for a wide variety of industries and in many different scenarios. Each tabletop exercise can be run "as is" or modified to meet your needs and exercise objectives. Purchase one from our online store.


Tailored Exercises

Attainium starts with one of our tabletop exercise scenarios and tailors it to meet your specific organizational requirements - staffing, facilities, geography, etc. We will then provide you with guidance on how to conduct the exercise yourself. Contact Us today for more information.


Custom Tabletop Exercises

A Custom Tabletop Exercise is designed based on your objectives then developed and delivered to your team at your location by Attainium's expert staff. The scenarios target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities that you are specifically concerned about and focus on the response, communications, recovery and/or other skills you want to exercise. We work with you throughout the entire process, from defining your table top exercise objectives to determining who should participate, to developing and delivering the finished tabletop exercise. To discuss how a Custom Tabletop Exercise would benefit your organization, Contact Us today.