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Outline of a Business Continuity Plan

Bob's Blog on Business Continuity

Bob on Business Continuity contains thoughts, insights, and topics to ponder regarding business continuity plan development, maintenance, and management. And given an opportunity, he will surely comment on Business Continuity Plan testing, awareness and tabletop exercises.

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How Organizations Prepare to Face Today’s Risks & Hazards

Preparation, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery are the Keys to Continuity of Operations

Meeting Planners: What is the worst that can happen?

Event Disruptions Are Always A Possibility… Planning is the Key to Surviving Them

Assessing Your Risk: Planning for the Unexpected

The biggest challenge you face when preparing a business continuity/disaster recovery strategy is figuring out what you need to anticipate so you'll know how to prepare. A disaster can severely impact an organization’s ability to perform critical functions and, therefore, to continue normal business operations. In order to ensure the most likely business continuity scenario, you need to assess your organization’s readiness in crucial functional areas. A Business Impact Analysis, or Business Continuity Audit, is the tool that can help you figure it all out.

The Next Level of Risk Management

by Lou Novick, President, Novick Group, Inc.

In the moments after the 5.8 earthquake this past August - when most of us in the office were clueless as to what had just happened or how to react, our two California employees were already under their desks. According to Guy Sheetz, CFO at the Futures Industry Association, “That’s the way it is with unexpected disasters…unless you know what to do…you don’t know what to do.”

Can Your Business Survive A Major Disruption?

Studies show that businesses with 500 or fewer employees that experience a major disruption may not survive it. Could your business? If your business continuity or disaster recovery plan has been sitting on the shelf -- or, worse, if you don't have one -- it's time to take a look at what it will take to keep you in business.

The Crisis Communications Challenge

by Rosanne Desmone, Mt. Vernon PR & Communications

Somewhere in your organization, there's a crisis waiting to happen...

Threats and Hazards: Event Challenges and Impacts

Event Disruptions Are Always A Possibility... Planning Is the Key to Surviving Them.