Products & Services

Attainium provides a full complement of Business Continuity Services ranging from Business Continuity Plan development & management using Plan-A-ware to a wide range of tabletop exercises (custom and off the shelf), Disaster Experiences (mock disaster simulations), Event-Aware - Emergency Response Planning for Meetings & Events, and a wide variety of sessions/workshops.

Plan-A-ware - Business Continuity Planning

Plan-A-ware is a hosted and truly collaborative business continuity planning & management service that enhances your organization's ability to interact with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP). From the beginning, your BCP is developed collaboratively and maintained with ease through the combination of Attainium's business continuity expertise and our web-based planning service. Team members can "wander" through the BCP resulting in greater awareness, higher retention, and improved skills. So, when disaster strikes, your staff will know where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

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Tabletop Exercises

To ensure that your Business Continuity Plan will work when disaster strikes, Attainium designs, develops and delivers innovative Tabletop Exercises and drills. Our Tabletop Exercises target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities that concern you and focus on the response and recovery skills you want to improve. Custom Tabletop Exercises can be conducted on-site by our expert facilitators. Or purchased on our website as a Conduct It Yourself™ Tabletop Exercise.

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Business Continuity Consulting Services

Attainium can assess the organization's ability to cope with and recover from a wide variety of disruptive events. To ensure the organization's overall preparedness to meet any such situation, Attainium provides a broad range of services.  These include risk and business impact analysis, development of business continuity plans using our Plan-A-ware process and readiness assessments.  

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Sessions & Workshops

Attainium produces sessions and workshops designed to educate and enlighten -- led by our highly interactive “Disaster Experience” mock disaster simulations. Other workshops and sessions include Business Continuity Planning workshops, speeches on business continuity, emergency preparedness, and crisis management. Custom programs can be developed to meet any specific time or content requirements.

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Event-Aware - Crisis Management Planning for Meetings & Events

Event-Aware is Crisis Management Planning for meetings & events, that takes the plans and procedures that are actually needed while onsite, and makes them available on one’s mobile device. You determine who has access to which event’s plan. New versions of each plan are “pushed out” to the users as updates are “published.” If you want to put the essential response & communications information in the hands of those who need it, and when they need it, then Event-Aware is essential.

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