Sessions and Workshops on Business Continuity

Sessions and Workshops on Business Continuity

Attainium produces sessions and workshops designed to educate and enlighten led by our highly interactive “Disaster Experience” mock disaster simulations. Other workshops and sessions include Business Continuity Planning workshops, and speeches on business continuity, emergency preparedness, and crisis management. Custom programs can be developed to meet any specific time or content requirements. 


Ready for a highly interactive learning experience for your next Meeting or Conference? 
How about a Mock Disaster Exercise or one on Preparing for Crisis?

The Disaster Experience --- A Mock Disaster Exercise

Chances are that while you read this, an unexpected disaster is causing organizational stress and confusion and is affecting its long-term ability to provide products and services to its customers. Is the organization prepared to handle it? Will it be able to recover? Disasters of every shape, size, look and feel happen all the time, affecting businesses, people's jobs, lives and families, and ultimately, the economy. How would you handle an unexpected disruption?

Business Continuity: Expect the Unexpected

Question: How do organizations continue to function in the event of a major disruption? Answer: By executing their Business Continuity Plans. But first, you must have one.  Learn the types of disruptions that can affect an ongoing business operation and how to develop a strategy to handle these unforeseen occurrences. We will discuss Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery, the principles of emergency management (awareness, preparation, mitigation, response, & recovery), the components of a Business Continuity Plan and what you need to do to get started developing a plan.

Ten Keys to an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Developing and maintaining a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan is a daunting task. All you hear is...

  • "We need to develop a Business Continuity Plan, but it’s too labor intensive."
  • "Maintaining the BCP takes too much time."
  • "We have this great Plan, but no one knows what’s in it."

Sometimes it seems like only divine intervention will help. Learn the keys to developing, implementing and maintaining an effective business continuity management program.

Where Disruptions Begin - Today's Threats & Hazards

It all begins with the fundamentals of emergency management and how these relate to the threats and hazards that could affect you - Weather, Workplace Violence, Pandemic, Cyber-crime, etc.  What threats & hazards concern you? What plans do you have to Mitigate or Respond? How do you "recover" from such an incident?

This moderated session is your chance to discuss your perspectives and ask the questions about the threats and hazards that concern you most.

Meeting/Event Crisis Response Planning

How does an organization keep a meeting/event running when a disruption occurs? By executing its Crisis Response Plan. But first, you must have one. Learn the types of disruptions that can affect a meeting or an event and how to develop a strategy to handle these unforeseen occurrences. We will discuss Crisis Management vs. Emergency Response, the principles of emergency management, the components of a good Meeting/Event Crisis Response Plan and how to get started.

Develop YOUR Business Continuity Plan Today

This 1/2 day workshop will take you through the steps necessary to develop YOUR Business Continuity Plan. Each participant will use their own organization's information. We'll start by identifying your critical infrastructure, prioritizing your key business functions then analyzing the impact of various disruptions on these business functions. From there we'll move on to developing your emergency response procedures and disaster recovery plans. Finally we'll determine the schedules and policies for ongoing maintenance, staff awareness programs and plan testing & exercising. Upon completion of this workshop, you'll have the basics of a business continuity plan tailored to your organization. Just take it back to the office, expand on what you created and execute the resulting schedules and policies.

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