Business Continuity: Expect the Unexpected

Question: How do organizations continue to function in the event of a major disruption? Answer: By executing their Business Continuity Plans. But first, you must have one.  Learn the types of disruptions that can affect an ongoing business operation and how to develop a strategy to handle these unforeseen occurrences. We will discuss Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery, the principles of emergency management (awareness, preparation, mitigation, response, & recovery), the components of a Business Continuity Plan and what you need to do to get started developing a plan.


 This session can also be tailored to the following industries:

  • Association Management
  • Building and Property Management
  • Plant and Facility Management
  • Credit Unions and Community Banks
  • Public Relations and Crisis Communications
  • Meeting and Event Management
  • Conference and Meeting Facilities
  • State & County Fairs and Expositions
  • Houses of Worship - Churches, Synagogues, etc.
  • ANY small to medium size businesses

Session participants will:

  • Understand the principles of disaster management and how they apply to Business Continuity Planning and effective risk management;
  • Learn the components of a Business Continuity Plan and how to develop one;
  • “Be exposed” to the Threats and Hazards that can impact an organization;
  • Understand the importance of creating, maintaining, and testing a Business Continuity Plan;
  • Discuss lessons learned from both previously experienced disasters and future disasters that could affect their organization.

Length: 60 to 90 minutes

Audience: This session is positioned for entry-level attendees through those with some business continuity planning knowledge.


Business Continuity Planning

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