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Conduct It Yourself™ Tabletop Exercises are highly interactive tabletop exercises designed for you to conduct. Scenarios put your participants in the throes of real-life disaster situations, as they unfold. Participants will make the critical decisions - and deal with the consequences of those decisions!

Conduct It Yourself™ Tabletop Exercises include an exercise overview, how-to instructions, forms, script and a ready to run PowerPoint slide show with all of the incidents, scenarios, and guidelines for post-exercise debriefing and discussion.

Tornado for Universities and Colleges

Tornado for Universities and Colleges

Overview: You are a member of the University's Crisis Management Team. You have a major event with a high profile speaker taking place on campus. Maintaining order is tough enough when a tornado hits the campus. Now the real chaos begins. How would your team handle such a disaster, especially with injured students and staff along with damaged infrastructure? 

Exercise Focus: Emergency Response / Crisis Communications / Public Relations