KI (Krueger International)

KI Develops a Comprehensive Business Continuity Plan with Plan-A-ware

Global manufacturer Krueger International, Inc. had started on a business continuity plan but got only part-way into it before realizing that they would benefit from some professional help. "We looked at Attainium Corp because one member of our team was familiar with their work," said Vicki Leinbach, VP Information Systems. "Attainium has a very intuitive, very easy system that is cost-attractive as well."

After working on their plans for a couple of years and completing only about 20 percent of it, KI signed on as a customer of Attainium''s planning software, Plan-A-Ware, and found Attainium''s expertise a tremendous help. "Bob (Mellinger, Attainium CEO) helped us work through the business continuity plan and get it into the software," Leinbach said. "Plan-A-Ware is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. Our folks were very happy with the software and the outcome. All of our department plans are entered and we completed customization to integrate the system with our Employee Database."

In addition to Attainium's expertise in developing business continuity plans, Leinbach said that they were very proactive in keeping the planning team focused and on track. "They kept us from continually putting the plan on the back burner. We finished the corporate plan in 16-18 months, which was about half the time it took us to do the first 20 percent."

KI has eight manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada, plus the corporate office, which houses all the technology. Now that the plan for the corporate headquarters in Green Bay (WI) is complete, they plan to move on to the manufacturing facilities. They are now in the maintenance phase of the plan, keeping it updated and making changes as needed.

After years of working with organizations to develop and test business continuity plans, Attainium Corp created Plan-A-Ware™ to simplify the planning process and to make maintaining such plans easier. "Developing and maintaining business continuity plans has always been a challenging, resource-intensive process," said Bob Mellinger, Attainium CEO, "and most companies simply don't have the manpower to devote to planning full-time." With Plan-A-Ware™, which is a collaborative, hosted business continuity planning and management service, users are guided through the process step-by-step, given deadlines and reminders that keep things on track. The service provides access control, site security, revision tracking, and ease of navigation and is designed to help users easily understand the complex nature of business continuity planning and recovery.

"We found Attainium''s Gap Analysis aspect of Plan-A-Ware extremely valuable in creating the best plan we possibly could," Leinbach said. "The gap analysis showed us the difference between what tools departments said they absolutely needed and how long it would take to rebuild those systems if a disaster occurred. This information was used to either accept the gaps (risks) or get approval to spend money on removing the gaps. They really helped us see the hidden risks we may have missed," Leinbach said.

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