Tabletop Exercises for a Mass Illness

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Suddenly, hundreds come down with a mystery illness and people are being quarantined.

Those who are not sick, start to panic, worried about being struck with the sickness.

Mass Illness for Meeting and Event Planners

Mass Illness for Meeting and Event Planners

Overview: Participants are the meetings & event management team of their trade association’s three-day annual conference. A gas leak has caused the exhibit hall to be closed and the education sessions has to be condensed. But when over 200 of the attendees have to be quarantined due to a mysterious illness panic sets in with the remaining attendees. See how your meetings management team will respond to the upset vendors, lack of food and water, attendees demanding registration refunds, all this when your staff has been depleted by 30% due to the same illness. 

Exercise Focus: Crisis Communications / Emergency Response / Public Relations