Tabletop Exercises for a Biological Outbreak

graphic for the table top exercises related to a biological outbreak.

Your building has to be quarantined by the Health Department. Tenants are getting sick from an unnamed biological outbreak.

The media is calling. What do you do next?

Biological Outbreak for Property Management

Exercise for Biological Outbreak for Building Management

Scenario: Biological Outbreak

Overview: Participants are the property management team of a fictional multi-tenant building. Many tenants become violently ill. The building is quarantined by the Health Department. Is the outbreak an accident or a terrorist plot? You have infrastructure problems, staffing issues, media questions, and scared tenants.  How will the property management team handle the issues that relate to a closed building from 3 days to 2 weeks?

Emergency Focus:  Building Operations / Emergency Response / Operational Recovery / Crisis Communications / Media Relations