Working at Home... What to do.

All of a sudden, you have a totally remote workforce, or you're part of one. You can't walk down the hall to talk to people or call everyone into your office quickly. What is this doing to collaboration? What are you doing to communicate with these workers? Are they productive and happy? What strategies and tools have you made available for them? And how are they interacting with each other? Here are a few articles that might help.

But don't forget that, while work strategies are important, so are strategies to enjoy leisure time and spend time with their families -- they can't work all the time! We would love to know what you are doing to stay productive during this time and what you are doing to avoid work-at-home burnout and to help you maintain a good work-life balance.

Working in a coronavirus world: Strategies and tools for staying productive

The title says it all here
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10 Easy Ways to Keep Remote Workers Happy and Engaged

Here are some tips for dealing with remote staff -- how to communicate and keep people motivated.
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Navigating Remote Work Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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How to manage employees working from home during the coronavirus scare

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