Business Continuity NewsBriefs - October 4, 2017
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Cyber Security Awareness

October 4, 2017 - October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. This is especially relevant after the recent hack of Equifax and other large companies. What are you doing to help make your employees more aware of cybersecurity practices? Do you offer regular training? Take a look at these articles, all of which are focused on ways to increase employees’ awareness of and participation in cybersecurity.

"Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it’s money wasted; none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain." 
-- Kevin Mitnick, "The World's Most Famous Hacker" --

1. How your company needs to train workers in cyber security

Creating a security culture at a company can be complicated. The survey found that 65% of employees recognize their responsibility to protect confidential information, but many said security programs limit their productivity. Of those who received cyber security training at work, 24% admitted they went ahead and used unsafe behaviors anyway in order to complete a task.

2. Creating Purpose-Driven Cyber security In Your Workplace

Each year, the number of data breach victims is bigger than the last. This means that every year will be the worst year for data breaches. Despite all the attention on cyber security, we don't seem to be doing very well at making the situation better. People are the problem, but they are also the solution.

3. Creating a Cyber Security Training Culture in the Workplace

Simple improvements in cyber security training can go a long way in protecting your employees from cyber attacks. A strong, security-oriented culture in the workplace can replace the need for security professionals with certification training. If every employee could contribute a little bit to threat identification, the organization as a whole will have benefits similar to having internal security professionals.

4. Cyber security for Small Business

Every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence. In October 2012, the FCC re-launched the Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0, an online resource to help small businesses create customized cyber security plans. The FCC also released an updated one-page Cybersecurity Tip Sheet. The quick resource features new tips on creating a mobile device action plan and on payment and credit card security.

5. How to Prevent Security Breaches by Choosing Good Passwords

Poor passwords are one of the biggest threats businesses face today. It's easy to see why: All it takes is one password to be stolen for an entire network of computers to be compromised, threatening not just your company's assets, but also those of your customers as well. And as we all know, the most important commodity when conducting business is trust. Once that is lost, even in the case of an outside breach where you weren't directly responsible, it's extremely hard to get it back. What makes things worse is that the hacking game has changed dramatically, even in the last couple of years.

6. How to make your employees care about cyber security: 10 tips

A fire at your place of business doesn't have to mean the end of your company altogether. In fact, approximately 60 percent of all U.S.-based businesses reopen their doors after a disastrous fire. Some companies have even gone on to achieve a great amount of success and profitability after such an event.

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