Business Continuity NewsBriefs - December 11, 2019
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Communications & Business Continuity

December 11, 2019 - Communication is a critical component of planning for business continuity. Whether it's a crisis response team communicating among themselves or communicating to the public, communication is an area that should be considered in your business continuity plan. All too often, however, not enough time and attention is devoted to this area. In these articles, we are providing some information about this critical aspect of business continuity.

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships." 
-- Stephen Covey, Author --

1. Technology, Communication, and Business Continuity in the Face of Violence

By the end of November 2018, the United States had faced 323 mass shootings, a steady trend including the 346 from 2017. The bleak reality of this forces business owners to look at business continuity plans that factor an active shooter scenario into account, with an emphasis on communication. Workplace violence continues to rise and is predicted to only continue to do so in 2019, so business owners must look to technology for ways to prevent or ultimately defend against these situations.
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2. Developing an emergency communications plan: A template for business continuity planners

The business continuity management process contains several important steps. Communicating information during and following a disaster to relevant parties is a key emergency management priority. This guide examines the steps an organization's emergency coordinator and business continuity planners must follow to create an effective emergency communications plan. It also provides a downloadable template to help with crisis communications planning for a variety of incidents.
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3. Business Continuity, Communication, and Natural Disasters -- What You Should Know

With severe weather becoming the norm across the world, businesses in the United States are faced with the challenge of continuing to operate if a disaster strikes. In 2018 alone, 11 weather and climate-related disasters struck within our borders -- so it's not a surprise that severe and extreme weather events are a leading concern for businesses when It comes to emergency communications, response and business continuity. As the oil and gas industry's response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017 showed, strong communication sits at the core of any successful business continuity plan.
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4. In case of emergency: communications is key to your business continuity plan

Disruptions to a business often come in all different shapes and sizes. For most companies, the best way to prepare is to expect the unexpected. In the event of an emergency or crisis, having a business continuity plan from the outset and a clear directive for communications can make a difference in how quickly you can return to business as usual.
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5. Crisis Communications in The Age Of Social Media

When a crisis involving your company occurs today, there's a good chance you may hear of it first through social media: a mob of citizens armed with smartphones and accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube is often on the scene before mainstream media.
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