Business Continuity NewsBriefs - May 9, 2018
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Business ContinuityAwareness Week

May 9, 2018 - Business Continuity Awareness Week is May 14-18. The theme this year is "Working together to improve organizational resilience." It's a good time to take steps to ensure that your business will be able to recover from an emergency or crisis. The first thing you have to do is stop thinking that it won't happen here because, eventually, it will, and you need to be prepared. Everyone in the organization needs to be aware of any plans and to know what their roles are. These articles can help in your preparations.

"That which is not impossible is inevitable - it's simply a matter of when." 
-- Clive Perkins --

1. Designing a Business Continuity Training Program to Maximize Value & Minimize Cost

Business continuity is a key component of an organization's risk management program. However, employees (ranging from executives to the general employee population), partners, and customers are often unaware of the existence of the program or their role within the business continuity effort. Can management rely on a business continuity program if key stakeholders are unaware of their response and recovery responsibilities? No. And, as a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are often wasted.

2. Are Employees Part of Your Business Continuity Plan?

Most businesses have at least thought about how they will continue regular operations after experiencing a business disruption even if they do not have a fully developed business continuity plan in place, but the "who" is often overlooked. Your employees are your company's most critical resource and they need to be an integral part of your business continuity management to ensure your business recovers as quickly as possible from a disruptive event.

3. Tips for improving decision making during incidents

For business continuity and crisis management teams, time is often a luxury in that rapid, structured, decision making is required. There is a plethora of activities and structures that we can put in place to improve the outcomes of these decisions, ranging from exercising and rehearsal, through to support processes such as developing detailed plans. But what is biologically happening to us at the point that decisions are made and how can we improve outcomes?

4. Organizational resilience and business continuity: bringing clarity to a confused profession

Resilience is very much a hot topic in the business continuity profession, but there seems to be very little agreement about what we mean by resilience; where it sits in relation to business continuity management; and what its scope should be. This article aims at bringing some clarity and will explore a number of questions about resilience.

5. Why Crisis Management is Essential to Any Business Continuity Plan

When things go south, when complaints pile up, or a controversy arises, you need to have anticipated these events and have a strategy set in place. Business continuity describes the planning and preparation for any task that needs to be undertaken in order to ensure a company's vital functions continue in the event of any serious incident. Crisis management is the act of using predetermined responses and actions to help your company weather a public-facing storm, whereas the larger business continuity plan focuses on keeping the entire business up and running.

6. Practical advice on business continuity training and awareness raising

The objective of the BCM process is to improve an organization's business continuity capability over a period of time. The process is initially implemented using project management techniques, and, as it matures over the years, this gives way to an annual program of work. BCM involves undertaking a range of activities, and these activities are undertaken by people. If the BCM process is to be successful, these activities need to be undertaken by people who have the right level of knowledge and skills.

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