Business Continuity Planning with Plan-A-ware

Plan-A-ware is a hosted and truly collaborative business continuity planning & management service that enhances your organization's ability to interact with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP). From the beginning, your BCP is developed collaboratively and maintained with ease through the combination of Attainium's business continuity expertise and our web-based planning service. Team members can "wander" through the BCP resulting in greater awareness, higher retention, and improved skills. So, when disaster strikes, your staff will know where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

An entire organization should be involved in preparing for and recovering from disasters. Leadership, staff, suppliers, and constituents must all be prepared for, and actively involved in, the planning for and resumption of your business activities. Plan-A-ware is designed to help organizations easily understand the complex nature of Business Continuity Planning and Recovery.


Built on a collaborative platform, Plan-A-ware provides access control, site security, revision tracking, and ease of navigation. Anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Word and websites like Wikipedia will have the knowledge needed to use Plan-A-ware.

Easy to Maintain

Historically, maintaining a BCP has always been a challenge. Someone gets promoted or leaves the company and the plan's out of date because it was too much trouble to update it. With Plan-A-ware, however, updates to staff rosters, IT infrastructure, team lists, etc. are easy to update; the information is entered once and automatically propagated throughout the BCP.

Proven Methodology

The success of a BCP is measured by more than the thickness of the document. It is measured by how well the staff understands it and how well the planning can be used to guide the emergency response and business resumptions efforts. This is accomplished with a high degree of staff involvement and awareness. This is what Plan-A-ware was developed to do.

Attainium's Knowledge and Expertise

Plan-A-ware provides the benefits of Attainium's vast knowledge and expertise, a focused business continuity management system, and, ultimately, peace of mind. This is the Business Continuity Plan that your staff will use.

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