Past Events

February 27, 2018
     MPI Potomac - MACE 2018 (Mid-Atlantic Conference & Expo)
     Washington, DC
     "Ensuring That Your Event Crisis & Communications Plan Will Actually Work"

     CLICK HERE for the session handouts.


January 30, 2018
     MPI Greater New York
     New York, NY
     The Disaster Experience - Disaster Preparedness: Are your Ready?


January 25, 2018
     Association Forum
     Chicago, IL
     The Disaster Experience - Before, During & After


November 15, 2017
     Events Industry Council - CMP Conclave
     National Harbor, MD
     The Disaster Experience – QuickFire for Meeting and Event Planners


November 13, 2017
     NFMT Orlando
     Orlando, FL
     The Disaster Experience for Facility Professionals


November 10, 2017
     University of Delaware - Dept of Hospitality Business Management
     Newark, DE
     The Disaster Experience