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If you run events and have not had any incidents that made you wonder why you do it, then you must be one of the luckiest people on the planet. And in today's world, there are more possible disruptions and potential crises than ever before because our increased use of technology has made us more vulnerable to hacking and other incidents. So remember that, where crises are concerned, it's not if you'll be a victim but when. This week's articles can help you be better prepared to avoid these risks.

The author provides some general guidelines for meeting security. (Item #1)     Here are five things to look out for when planning for event app security. (Item #2)     To protect your meetings, your organization and your attendees you have to be vigilant and you have to stop sharing passwords. (Item #3)    

This brief video provides some security tips. (Item #4)     Corporate espionage puts meeting, conference, and event planners on the front line when it comes to protecting the sensitive information assets of those participating in your meetings, conferences, and events. (Item #5)     Covering everything from pre-event to on-site, this checklist will be helpful to you. (Item #6)    

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1. Security for Meetings

Here's how people without a security background can help plan security for meetings and conferences. The author says he'd be remiss if he didn't first recommend that NGOs, companies and academic institutions hire or train up competent security professionals to help them secure their people and assets. However, he also understands that budgets -- and sometimes organizational and corporate culture -- often make that difficult, and as a result non-security people are often tasked with planning conferences and meetings.

2. Five Things Meeting Planners Need to Know About Event App Security

As meetings become more strategic, valuable and confidential, a planner's responsibility to deliver secured technologies suddenly becomes mired in the same challenges as the IT security world. Savvy enterprise meeting planners ask how they can approach security as part of the design process. More often than not, they seek security best practices, which typically fall exclusively under the IT umbrella. Fortunately, meeting planners can take advantage of IT's long history of evolving security measures.

3. Password Safety for Meetings and Events

Think about it, if you get hacked because of someone's carelessness with log-in info, you are going to be in trouble. There is not one attendee or member on the planet that will ever forgive an association that loses their data because someone emailed a username and password while sitting on airport wifi in Moscow and beyond the member or attendee rage, there are insurance companies, compliance people, law enforcement types, and a lotta bosses who kinda frown on losing attendee or member personal data because of stupidity.

4. Security for Business Events

MGM Resorts International Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Michael Dominguez sees security as one of an event planner's top priorities. In this video, he offers the following tips to help you stay on top of the security situation surrounding your upcoming events.

5. Corporate Meetings and Events - Targets of Espionage

Theft of research, intellectual property, trade secrets, proprietary data and sensitive corporate information has become common in today's technology intensive world. In fact, the FBI has estimated that by the end of 2015 losses due to the theft of all of this data/information will result in an estimated $400 billion loss. Many people do not realize that meetings and corporate events create a target-rich environment for theft of sensitive information!

6. Emergency Preparedness Planning For Meetings & Events

This is a checklist and list of risk-management resources that could come in very handy for your next event.

Quote of the Week:

"I am scared to death that at some point, someone is going to walk into a crowded convention center and start shooting."

-- MGM's Michael Dominguez

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