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What if you send out a mass notification and nobody gets it? This is the thing that nightmares are made of. Hopefully, this will never happen to any of us. To help ensure you know what you're looking for, this week's articles provide guidance on how to determine what you need and how to get it. Also, new technology means that these systems are much improved and are not just for emergencies any more.

Looks may not be everything when it comes to a mass notification solution, but the way an online solution feels and operates is nevertheless important: Lessons from The Bachelor. (Item #1)     Consider these seven key factors with emergency communication. (Item #2)     Here's an analysis of current mass notification trends and how two-way listing, analog-to-digital and other factors will impact the future of MNEC. (Item #3)    

Mass communication technologies are offering several new options and capabilities that go beyond the typical uses in traditional applications. (Item #4)     Mass communication is no longer just for emergencies. (Item #5)     These 10 tips on evaluating mass notification vendors can help you avoid problems down the road. (Item #6)    

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1. What The Bachelor Can Teach Us about Mass Notification Systems

I don't personally need to be a fan to have some insight into the bachelor's ultimate choice. I'd be willing to bet he's looking to offer that final rose and his pledge of undying love to someone with both beauty and brains. So how does an American "reality" TV show relate to emergency notification software? Well, in choosing the ultimate software tool for mass notification, I'd be willing to bet you'd prefer both beauty and brains as well. Consider how both of these desirable characteristics should be a part of your selection process.

2. The Layered Approach: Mass Notification Is Not a Brand-New Concept in Safety and Security Circles

Purchasing a security system with mass notification capabilities might seem like an easy fix. One issue: now that you possess the ability to quickly communicate with a large group of people, what can you do to ensure that these notifications are being delivered in an effective manner? Just because you have the power to reach large groups, doesn't mean you're providing a quality message that's useful or even practical. It's extremely important to understand all of the factors that go into mass notification communication, such as the differences between audio and visual messages and why that discrepancy matters, and what all of that means in an emergency.

3. Seven Tech Trends Shaping Mass Notification Emergency Communication

The need for Mass Notification Emergency Communication (MNEC) systems is more vital today than ever before. Many organizations want some type of mass notification/situational awareness system, but they don't know what they need or what's available to address their major concerns: safety and security, medical emergencies, and daily operations. Integrators have an opportunity to shape the delivery systems in these facilities, tying them into the AV and IT infrastructure. Here's a look at some of the technologies that drive MNEC today, and emerging technologies that will shape the future of MNEC.

4. Mass Notification Systems Help Improve Business Practices

A mass notification system's primary objective is to disseminate one-way communication to individuals or groups of individuals in the event of an emergency. These systems provide the fastest way to deliver a message to the masses when a crisis situation arises. With advancements in software technology and successful systems integration, however, mass notification systems have taken on a much broader scope of functionality.

5. Five Routine Uses for Mass Notification Technology

Once used only in emergencies, mass notification technology's numerous benefits are now being recognized by organizations of all types and sizes for routine messages. Here are five additional uses for supporting your communication needs.

6. Selecting an Emergency Notification Vendor

As an emergency situation unfolds it becomes critical for public safety managers to be able to send timely and accurate information to the people affected by the event. Getting the right message to the right people requires rapid action using accurate and up-to-date data and an easy-to-use system that is highly reliable and available 24/7/365. When evaluating mass notification vendors here are the top 10 points for every decision-maker to consider.

Quote of the Week:

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

-- George Bernard Shaw

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