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Most organizations understand the importance reputation has on their bottom line and do their utmost - through marketing, member/customer relations, and other methods - to protect the value of that reputation. But what about their online reputation? This is a critical component of reputation that often is not given the same amount of attention as off-line reputation. This week's articles can help you put the focus online to ensure your reputation is protected there as well.

When prospective customers, clients or employees search for you online, what do they see? (Item #1)   Favorable search engine results are no accident. (Item #2)   Online brand reputation management is complex business. (Item #3)  

Here are some good tips for ways smaller organizations can manage their online reputations. (Item #4)   It's important to understand the ways your business reputation is fostered or attacked online - and to know what to do about it. (Item #5)   Use these tools to help you manage your online reputation. (Item #6)  

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1. The Online Reputation Management Guide

This Online Reputation Management Guide will show small businesses how to assess, build, track and monitor their online reputation. In most cases, you can follow these simple steps to easily grow your personal brand and/or small business.

2. Online Reputation Management: The New PR

Generally speaking, your reputation is created and altered by what you do and what everyone, including you, says. Unfortunately, perceptions are not always based on fact, but on opinion, conjecture and rumors. If you use a search engine to look for yourself or your company today, do you like what you see?

3. Ultra Effective Brand Reputation Management Tactics

Maintaining a sharp online presence means tracking your brand reputation in real time, in addition to managing everything else that's typically on your plate. It requires learning the truth about what's out lurking there. But that's only half the battle . . . For example, if your website's not trending well, you need to know why - and fix it!

4. Online Reputation Management: Top 10 Tips for Small Business

Your online reputation management may consist of Googling your small business's name on occasion. When you do, it all looks fine: There's your website at the top of the results, followed by your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and so on. Great, now you can relax. Or can you?

5. Online Reputation Management Is Business Critical

Online reputation management-monitoring and managing your business' brand perception in the online world-is now a critical part of business. Customers encounter your brand online. And with the growth of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, this may even happen while they are physically at your business, or in route to see you.

6. Thirty-four Online Reputation Management Tools

People, products and companies today all have two brands - online and off. The problem with this is that the online brand may or may not sync with their offline marketing messages. User generated media, blogs and discussion forums have changed the flow of information about your company forever. A new emphasis on reputation management, even for the tiniest of companies, is essential.

Quote of the Week:

"We all live in a televised goldfish bowl."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

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