Workplace Violence

There are an estimated 1.7 million incidents of non-fatal workplace violence reported each year. Many of these are in convenience stores and hospitals, but no workplace is immune from such violence. From 2000 to 2010, more than 500 work-related homicides occurred each year. This violence costs an estimated $121 billion each year in the U.S. Costs could include lost productivity, counseling, contract/sales losses, cleaning and refurbishing, increased insurance costs, lawsuits and settlements, and more. If workplace violence isn't on your radar, perhaps it should be.

Workplace violence can and does happen anywhere - are you prepared? (Item #1)   Here is comprehensive information for employers on all aspects of workplace violence. (Item #2)   Physical violence isn't the only form in the workplace; here are some tips on preventing injury in many forms. (Item #3)  

Does your incident management plan cover everything it needs to in order to address the potential sources of workplace violence? (Item #4)   Employees may recognize potential violence but won't tell you; why not? (Item #5)   If you're ever in a situation with an active shooter, this article can help you figure out what to do. (Item #6)  

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1. Preventing Workplace Violence: Management Considerations

For most of us, workplace violence is something that only happens on the six o'clock news. We can't relate to mass murder committed by a deranged worker or to the scattered wreckage of a commuter airplane blown from the sky by a disgruntled former airline employee. Incidents like these are so far from the realm of our everyday experience that we just can't comprehend them. As a result, we tend to view the idea of workplace violence as a sensational curiosity. Unfortunately, workplace violence isn't limited to the occasional murder rampage in a government building. It can and does happen anywhere. Every business regardless of its size and type should have a workplace violence program in place.

2. Workplace Violence: Employer Information

Workplace violence has now become a virtual reality for any business and any employee -- giving us a vulnerability that we had previously not felt. It has become a necessity that the reality and risks of this growing violence be examined, and a hard look given to what can be done by employers, management and employees in the area of prevention, as well as assistance and support to the ever-increasing number of workplace violence victims. This document, from the National Center for Victims of Crime, provides comprehensive information for employers.

3. Forms of Workplace Violence with Preventive Measures

While physical violence is the most obvious form of workplace violence, occupational injury takes on many forms. Violence in the workplace takes a toll on the victims' performance, affecting even personal lives and costing companies untold millions of dollars. Taking steps in preventing workplace violence should be plotted based on existing conditions, working environment, corporate culture, number of employees, your job, and many other factors. Doing so will ensure the efficient implementation of violence-preventive programs in your organization.

4. Assessing Violence in The Workplace

This article focuses on the topic of workplace violence, the assessment of an organization's incident management plan, and the critical role placed upon an effective incident management plan to successfully address such an occurrence within an organization. An organization's incident management plan should be broad in scope to address each of these potential sources of employee exposure to workplace violence. Is yours?

5. Seven Reasons Your Employees Will Not Report Workplace Violence

Whenever an act of workplace violence rocks an organization to its core, there are almost always people who come out of the woodwork remembering prior incidents leading to the tragedy. Fortunately most workplace violence does not result in tragedy, shootings, or death. Fighting, harassments, threats or inappropriate behavior are some of the many acts that go unreported and lead to more serious incidents. Realizing that hindsight is 20/20, what are the reasons these people didn't voice their concerns/fears when it was appropriate?

6. Active Shooter: How to Respond

This pamphlet provides guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, who may be caught in an active shooter situation, and discusses how to react when law enforcement responds. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Because active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.

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