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Communication is key to every aspect of the business continuity process - before, during or after any disruption. If you haven't invested in a mass notification system, perhaps it's time you considered how these systems can help you improve your chances of surviving a disruption. The articles below provide information to help you improve your current emergency notification procedures.

Do you know all you need to about mass notification systems? (Item #1)   Through contemporary mass notification systems, quick communication to a broad contact base can be simplified and streamlined. (Item #2)   The issue of voice intelligibility in mass notification systems has become more important as the technology has evolved. (Item #3)  

Here are nine ways you can make the most of your mass notification system. (Item #4)   Integrating social networks adds value to emergency mass notification systems without added costs. (Item #5)   Read how to decipher new codes and track the latest trends for effective emergency communications. (Item #6)  

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1. Amassing Mass Notification Know-How

Mass notification is an area that has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Unfortunately this is largely due to tragic incidents that have exposed the vulnerabilities of certain populations and environments, consequently emphasizing the need for better communications and alerting. Fortunately, a number of solutions are available to address these needs.

2. The Next Generation of Mass Notification Software: How to bring your EN strategy up to date

In the first moments of a crisis or emergency situation, timely communication can save lives, resources, and reputation. Unfortunately, it is often during these very moments that critical lines of communication are cut off, and that making contact becomes more difficult than ever. A contemporary mass notification platform should provide an organization with an efficient way to manage an incident and coordinate automated, rapid communication across a broad network of recipients.

3. The Evolution of Mass Notification Systems Part 2

At one time, the issue of voice intelligibility in mass notification systems was an afterthought. In the early years of the technology, the goal was to simply notify the populace of a designated area that an emergency event was occurring and in the case of an air raid or fire, this was usually accomplished through the use of a loud siren. As the times have changed, however, mass notification technology, including voice intelligibility; have had to change with them.

4. Nine Ways to Optimize Your Mass Notification Systems

It is important to plan ahead for campus emergencies so that your mass notification efforts will reach the right people at the right time. This list of best practices can help you to accomplish your mass notification goals.

5. Integrating Social Networks in Emergency Mass Notification Systems

In the last several years, social networks have undergone explosive growth. Penetration and high adoption in areas as diverse as higher education, business, and recently the Department of Defense, demand that this important communications channel be incorporated in any emergency mass alerting system. To exploit these new web-based communication channels, network-centric mass notification architectures are incorporating the power and reach of computer networks and the Internet to deliver emergency alerting well beyond those of traditional alerting systems.

6. Safety Trends: Mass Notification Decoded

From catastrophic natural disasters to the various security threats college students face, there has been a heightened demand for effective, multi-layered Mass Notification Systems (MNS) to protect, alert, and inform people in an emergency. The number and diversity of these threats have influenced the federal government and other organizations to create regulatory codes for MNS.

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