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Cybercrime, cyber terrorism, cyber-espionage and cyber war are escalating issues in the 21st century. Every organization needs to take steps to ensure they are prepared to deal with - or prevent -- an instance of hacking, because it seems cyber issues can impact everyone at one time or another. This week's articles shed some light on some of the concerns you should have about protecting your organization from cyber issues of all kinds.

According to the FBI, 71% of American companies endanger their financial stability by not having insurance that will cover Internet liability. (Item #1)   Lack of appropriate insurance leaves a company vulnerable to a wide-range of financially devastating cyber exposures. (Item #2)   IT keeps you open for business, but if you're not careful it can close you down for good. (Item #3)  

An analysis of the impact and business risks of cybercrime attacks, plus the preferred security solution to effectively protect corporate networks and data. (Item #4)   The e-mails may look authentic, but are they? (Item #5)   Cyber security is now a major international concern, with hackers gaining access sensitive corporate and military secrets, including intellectual property. (Item #6)  

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1. Cyber liability insurance: Don't run a business without it

Almost every company has some kind of network, database or online presence that puts it at risk for litigation. If you have Web site content, your company can be targeted for violating copyright or intellectual property laws. A company laptop that is stolen or left in a taxi can launch a long and costly nightmare involving theft or extortionů Personal and financial information of customers sits on your servers or at a data store, daring hackers to get in and party.

2. Cyber Liability: Most Companies Lack Proper Insurance Coverage

The majority of organizations conducting business today do not have adequate insurance coverage to protect them from costly Internet liability issues. This is a serious issue. I doubt most business owners are aware they are vulnerable to costly cyber issues.

3. Does Your Business Continuity Plan Cover Cyberattacks?

Stop for a moment and take a look around you. IT isn't just the computer on your desk, the lap top in your bag, or the mobile in your pocket. The truth is it's controlling who is and isn't entering your building--virtually and physically, how and where your customers are being treated, driving your production line, and even has a part to play in how your coffee is produced. IT is no longer confined to a small back office, possibly in the basement, staffed with geeks all speaking their own language.

4. Businesses under Cybercrime attack: how to protect your corporate network and data against its impact

In the last few years, we have seen that cybercrime has evolved into a booming global business. Viruses, malware and online crime have turned into a major shadow economy that successfully mimics the real business world. Money is the driving force behind the growth of targeted attacks against financial institutions, enterprises and governmental agencies, often carried out by organized cybercrime groups that closely resemble both in structure and operations the notorious "Cosa Nostra" crime organizations.

5. As targeted e-mail attacks proliferate, companies wince

The situation that faced an Australian company is one that is confronting companies and organizations worldwide regardless of their industry: hackers are getting a lot better at breaking through the defenses designed to keep information safe.

6. McAfee issues a New Report on Global Cyber Spying - 72 Targets Identified - What Is Your Info Security Group Doing To Protect You?

McAfee issued a report on Wednesday saying it had identified cyberattacks that lasted for up to five years on a wide range of governments, American corporations and United Nations groups. The company alerted the 72 targets it identified and also informed law enforcement agencies, who are now said to be investigating the matter. The report, entitled Operation Shady Rat (love the title!), calls the attacks highly sophisticated and says they appear to have been operated by a government body, which it declined to name.

Quote of the Week:

"Considering the anonymity of cyberspace, cybercrime may in fact be one of the most dangerous criminal threats ever."
-- Ronald K. Noble
INTERPOL Secretary General

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