Business Continuity and the Economy

No matter how critical it is to have a business continuity plan, a bad economy seems to make it less important to management. That is, however, the worst response - hard times make it more difficult for organizations to survive and a continuity plan is especially important now. Read this week's articles to see how your organization can leverage business continuity in an economic downturn.

Here are 12 tips you can use to assist you in planning in a recession. (Item #1)   This special report deals with changes in business continuity due to the economic downturn. (Item #2)   Read what risk managers have to say about what's happening this year with business continuity. (Item #3)  

Companies generally undervalue their business continuity plans, whether the economy is good or not. (Item #4)   Is funding business continuity in this economy an issue in your organization? (Item #5)   The traditional business continuity concerns are still in play, but new concerns have arisen with the troubled economy. (Item #6)  

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1. Twelve Tips for Business Continuity Management in a Recession

Concern about where the economy is headed inhibits both planning and confidence. But suppose your organization recently had a large fire, or a cable was damaged and you had no electricity for three days. Incidents that can threaten a business occur in any economic climate. Here are some tips to help you leverage business continuity as you deal with the recession.

2. Special Report: Surviving the Recession

The economy. Everyone has felt the effects of the economic downturn, and the business continuity industry is no exception. To explore the related issues Continuity Insights spoke with Carolyn DeWitt of Dialogic Communications Corporation (DCC), Ramesh Warrier of eBRP Solutions, and Troy Winskowicz of Dell ProManage-Modular Services.

3. Risk managers' 2011 resolutions

Corporate risk managers are preparing themselves for the challenges 2011 has in store. With little improvement in economic conditions and uncertainty still surrounding the financial markets, risk managers believe that their role will be more crucial than ever. The effect of a depressed economy on companies' profits has broadened risk managers' horizons.

4. Business Continuity during a Recession

The value of a business continuity program depends upon the probability of it being used, and if a company is less likely to be here tomorrow for market or economic reasons, then it is less likely that there will ever be the opportunity for a disaster recovery plan to be put into effect. But companies generally undervalue their plans, even in the good times.

5. Business Continuity Planning In Difficult Economic Times

"The primary objective of a Business Resumption Plan is to enable an organization to survive a disaster and to reestablish normal business operations. In order to survive, the organization must assure that critical operations can resume normal processing within a reasonable time frame." (C.N.S.) This being the case, a business continuity effort would seem to be an essential function at any company. However, in many businesses, managers are reluctant to release funding for this activity in tough economic times.

6. The economic downturn and business continuity management

Traditional business continuity plans have mainly focused on dealing with operational disruptions resulting from a loss of site access, non-availability of critical information, the failure of IT and telecom systems and, for any number of reasons, the nonavailability of staff. These hazards certainly have not gone away in the current climate, but newer disruptions have gained prominence. Customer and supply chain failure and the loss of access to lines of credit is now becoming an important area for businesses to focus on.

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