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One of the main reasons for the failure of business continuity and/or disaster response plans is lack of communication… for whatever reason, those who need it do not receive targeted, actionable information so they can carry out their roles. This week, our articles focus on what you need to know about mass notification systems and, finally, providing information on various MNS products.

Here are eight steps to take to create an effective mass notification system. (Item #1)   Regulation of mass notification systems is currently being studied. (Item #2)   What's the best way to deploy network-centric notification systems? (Item #3)  

This article aims to give you the know-how you need to select a mass notification plan. (Item #4)   The key to a good MNS is choosing not only the right mix of emergency communications systems to meet the facility's needs, but also understanding and complying with the latest minimum requirements. (Item #5)   This mass notification product showcase will provide you with a number of products to consider. (Item #6)  

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1. A Guide to Mass Notification Systems

1. A Guide to Mass Notification Systems In response to the threat of myriad potential catastrophes, the owners and managers of buildings ranging from high-rises and hospitals to educational campuses and high-occupancy venues are ramping up their efforts to protect the people who use their facilities. One way of addressing this pressing concern is by creating a mass notification system (MNS)

2. NFPA-72-2010 Dedicated to Mass Notification Systems

A comprehensive system encompasses not only components, but also the infrastructure and controls that support each of them, and a well-designed action plan that will guide procedures during an emergency. Experts agree that the time is right for the regulation of mass-notification systems.

3. Hybrid emergency mass-notification systems offer the security and control of on-premise systems and the cost savings of hosted services

Examine any emergency, natural or manmade, and more often than not the success of the response correlates directly to the timeliness and effectiveness of the alerting system in place at the time. From an earthquake to a terrorist attack, alerting individuals and groups that are in danger quickly and reliably is

4. Amassing Mass Notification Know-How

Mass notification is an area that has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Unfortunately this is largely due to tragic incidents that have exposed the vulnerabilities of certain populations and environments, consequently emphasizing the need for better communications and alerting. Fortunately, a number of solutions are available to address these needs.

5. Safety Trends: Mass Notification Decoded

From catastrophic natural disasters to the various security threats college students face, there has been a heightened demand for effective, multi-layered Mass Notification Systems (MNS) to protect, alert, and inform people in an emergency. The number and diversity of these threats have influenced the federal government and other organizations to create regulatory codes for MNS.

6. Mass Notification Product Showcase

Look here to see some options for mass notification systems.

Quote of the Week:

"[Mass notification is simply] putting the word out that something important or dangerous is going down."
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