Getting Management Buy-In

In many organizations, the biggest business continuity issues are communication and getting buy-in and funding. Because business continuity has no instant return on investment, it is extremely difficult to measure its value. It is viewed as a cost center, not a revenue item. As a result, BC is often pushed into the background in favor of activities that positively affect the bottom line. This week's articles are selected to help you gain the buy-in you need to get your BCP off the ground.

How do you get management attention for your BC project? (Item #1)   Senior management is important, but how about everyone else in the organization? (Item #2)   You want to do BC training, but you need management support. (Item #3)  

Let management know what you and your BC team bring to the party. (Item #4)   What does your presentation need to be effective and get the buy-in you want? (Item #5)   Maybe communication is the answer to the problem of getting buy-in. (Item #6)  

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1. How to Get Senior Management Buy-In

When clients and executives ask me how to gain top management attention, I usually make a simple comparison: CEOs or top managers are like little boys: to attract their attention, you have to wave a fire truck in front of them, and if you ask them if they prefer A or B, they´ll say "both." These two examples illustrate how difficult it can be to please your senior management.

2. The Extra Mile

Forget senior management for a minute. Five above-and-beyond steps you can implement to get everyone else in your organization behind the business continuity program.

3. Getting Management Buy-In:
    Overcoming obstacles to effective training

Of all the challenges to training, getting management support is by far the most important. The best training program in the world can be easily torpedoed if management is unsupportive. With this in mind, the following are some of the more effective ways to increase the likelihood of getting management support.

4. How do you get better management buy-in?

Management buy-in is key to any team within an organization. If the management doesn't properly understand what the team brings to the organization, be they hard or soft benefits, then your job will remain a battle.

5. Presenting For Management Buy in

Although this article is directed toward HR, the principles presented are the same for any project you're trying to get approved and/or funded. You do have to remember to consider the perspective of your audience, not just your own. Some good tips here…

6. Organizational Buy-in (A communications approach)

In order for a plan to be effective, it must enjoy full support from an organization's executive leadership. Seems like a simple truth? It is, but securing that backing is not as simple. Apply these ideas from the SANS Institute to your need for buy-in.

Quote of the Week:

"(When seeking buy-in) watch the audience, not just those who seem to be pointing guns at you."
-- John Kotter, Harvard Business School

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