Holiday Issues

Holidays give employers an opportunity to provide time off from work and employees get to spend extra time with family and friends. Holidays also present challenges for both employers and employees: which holidays to observe, how or if to pay for holiday leave, accommodating diversity and religious beliefs and practices, whether or how much bonus or gifts to give to employees, serving alcoholic beverages at company parties, and handling the holiday blues or depression that some employees experience. This week's articles may help you with these issues.

Your business continuity could be compromised during the holidays, if you don't make sure your plan can be implemented with people off on holiday breaks. (Item #1)   Here's a look at the legal issues and some cases addressing employer liability for alcohol-related incidents. (Item #2)   If you've got questions, the expert has answers. (Item #3)  

If you're concerned about holiday party risks, here are some alternatives to the annual event. (Item #4)   Here are some tips on how to avoid sexual harassment claims as a result of the holiday party. (Item #5)   If your workplace is diverse, you should appreciate the help in this article. (Item #6)  

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1. Hints & Tips for the Holiday Period

If you are responsible for business continuity management (BCM) within your organization, this time of year presents an opportunity to improve your preparedness and raise awareness of BCM amongst your staff.

2. HR Guide to Holiday Parties: 9 Tips to Limit Holiday Office Party Legal Exposure

'Tis the season for holiday parties and the spreading of good cheer in the workplace. Too much cheer, can cause liability. If your plans include serving alcohol at holiday parties or even sponsoring department "happy hours" at a local pub, your organization could be at risk for legal liability if a drunken employee harms himself or others.

3. Ask the Expert Series: Five answers to holiday party HR questions

In addition to the issue of alcohol, the expert answers questions on multi-cultural holiday observances, sexual harassment, paying staff who work on holiday parties, and why your insurance company might object to you sponsoring outside events.

4. Worried about risks associated with annual festivities? Check out these fun alternatives.

Every holiday season, companies shell out hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) throwing a holiday celebration for the end of the year. Unfortunately, although holiday get-togethers can be a lot of fun, they can also bring about many risks, such as employees drinking and driving, increased chance of sexual harassment issues, etc. If you want to avoid all the muss and fuss this year, you need to look into some alternatives that can be just as fun as a holiday party, but without the risks involved.

5. Holiday Parties, Gifts Can Lead to Sexual Harassment Claims

Businesses planning holiday parties and gifts rarely take the potential for sexual harassment claims into account. But the risk is there, and, for most businesses, it is uninsured. Think it can't happen in your business? Think again. Flirting and a relaxed party atmosphere go hand in hand, particularly when alcohol is added to the mix. There are simple steps that can be taken to reduce the possibility that a company-sponsored party or banquet will result in a sexual harassment claim.

6. Holiday Party Planning in the Diverse Workplace

Holiday party planning can get dicey when companies add diversity to their merrymaking mix. How do you appeal to all without leaving someone out in the cold? If you put the emphasis on celebrating, things could be easier.

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"What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a new job the next day."
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