Mass Notification Systems

When a disaster is imminent - or already upon you - how do you meet the need to communication to everyone in your facility or on your campus? Today's answer to this challenge is the mass notification system (MNS). This week's articles provide information on planning for and selecting a MNS that meets your needs.

Asking a few basic questions can help you the mass notification system that is appropriate for your organization. (Item #1)   To better protect their corporate offices, industrial complex, or college campus, facility managers have begun asking questions about MNS technology and its varied applications. (Item #2)   This article offers several steps in MNS - starting with planning. (Item #3)  

Because a single form of communications might not be sufficient, an MNS must be versatile. (Item #4)   A fire alarm system is a life-saving necessity for an organization; but is it enough? (Item #5)   A solid understanding of mass-notification systems can help you evaluate which system will best meet your organization's needs. (Item #6)  

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1. Selecting a Mass Notification System

When you need to deliver time-sensitive information to hundreds or thousands of people, a mass notification system can help you get the word out quickly and efficiently. But how do you know which system is right for your organization?

2. MNS Solutions for a Changing World

An MNS is much more than an alarm system. By using the technologies based on fire alarm codes and standards, fire system manufacturers are able to produce a robust life safety and security system. For the benefit of owners and managers considering an MNS to safeguard a particular building or complex, this article explains mass notification and its origins, the codes and standards' treatment of MNS, and the current cutting-edge technologies that are available.

3. Mass Notification Requires Planning and Robust Systems

In the last decade, a series of shootings on college campuses has forced facility managers to rethink the way that they respond to emergencies. Wide room for debate exists when it comes to speculating about why such incidents are increasing. But what has become apparent is the pressing need to inform large numbers of people about an emergency in a facility or on campus.

4. Mass Notification: From Everyone to Just One

A mass notification system should not only be versatile enough to contact individuals regardless of where they are, but also able to reach out to pre-defined areas regardless of whom is situated there. And those two types of notifications serve different purposes and should be approached differently.

5. Fire Alarms & Mass Notification Systems - the Same or Different

Aside from legal responsibilities to have a viable MNS system in place, it simply makes sense considering smart business practices, as well as ethical obligations toward human resources and the organization as a whole.

6. Selecting a Mass-Notification Solution

Whether you're a building owner or a facilities manager, the requirement to protect building occupants has never been greater. No longer are fire alarms and fire drills sufficient. At a minimum, you need to be aware of the tools available to provide mass notification to potentially thousands of people. The number of choices, vendors, and types of solutions, however, can be daunting.

Quote of the Week:

"We are a mobile society, and we need to reach everyone we can as fast as we can and give them enough information to keep them out of harm's way."
-- William Sako

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