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09/23/2015 - Fire Preparedness/Safety

Since October is National Fire Prevention Month, we will take a look at mitigating, preparing for and staying safe in a fire. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics fires and explosions accounted for 109 fatalities in the workplace in 2010, and, even though that is only 4% of workplace fatalities, many of them are avoidable. If your fire preparedness plan is not up-to-date, these articles can help you improve on it.


09/16/2015 - Terrorism

Last week, we observed the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and once again we relived the then-unbelievable acts that occurred on that day in history. In 2015, the face of terrorism has changed in many ways. This week we look at some of the forms of terrorism with which we now have to deal. Have you changed your plan to take into account the changes of the past 14 years?


09/09/2015 - Employee Issues

Your employees, which are a critical resource, also can become a source of difficult problems if you’re not careful. What they say and do online, how well they protect their passwords, and how they act with other employees can cause you trouble when you least expect it. So how do you handle these potential difficulties? If you haven’t addressed these issues in your plan, check out this issue, which can help you develop or refine policies to prevent future problems.


09/02/2015 - Online Reputation Management

It used to be said that if you make a customer/client happy she’ll tell a friend, make her mad and she’ll tell 10 friends. Well, today unhappy people can tell tens of thousands via the Internet and damage your business reputation in no time at all. If this happened to you, would you have the ability to manage your online reputation? Yes, you could hire an online reputation management company (and sometimes you might not have another choice if the damage is bad enough), but there are some steps you can take yourself to monitor and mend your reputation. This issue provides some good ideas to try.


08/26/2015 - National Preparedness Month

September 2015 is the 12th annual National Preparedness Month and a good time to determine if you are ready for the various disasters or disruptions that could occur. The theme this year is "Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today," and it is great advice. is urging everyone to make a plan including having an up-to-date contact list for everyone in your organization and establishing alternate methods of communication in case traditional methods are unavailable. And remember preparedness at home as well.


08/19/2015 - Business Continuity Planning

Some organizations seem to think that business continuity planning is asking for trouble... look for what might happen and it will. After all, "nothing has ever happened in all the years we have been in business." But, as the Bob Dylan song says, " The Times They Are A-Changin." We have seen too many disasters and disruptions not to be wary that these things can also happen to us. So, if you have been slow to start this planning project or just have not kept things up to date, this issue should be helpful to you and your team as you build or refine your plan.


08/12/2015 - Cyber Issues

If you have not gotten serious yet about preparing your organization for a cyber attack, now is the time. A recent survey from Juniper Research suggests that cyber-crime may cost businesses more than $2 trillion in the next five years, citing the increasing professionalism of cyber crime. This issue provides insight on what is happening in cyber security and how you might prepare to respond to attacks. Talk with your team about policies and procedures you might put in place to protect your assets.


08/05/2015 - Getting Management Buy-In

Over the years, we have talked about the importance of getting management buy-in for business continuity plans. Once again, we have collected some articles that can help you attain the buy-in you need as you develop and refine your plans. In addition, some of the needs of the C-suite have changed and so does how you sell to the modern C-suite. Also, once the senior execs are on board, you do need to get middle management engaged and supportive. 


07/29/2015 - Workplace Violence

According to OSHA, murders in the workplace are the leading killer of female employees and the second-leading killer of males. But workplace violence is not limited to murders. This issue discusses the many faces of workplace violence and what steps you can take to prevent violence and how to recognize the potential for such violence. Is your team working on a workplace violence plan? This should be part of your business continuity efforts.  


Testing and Training

July 22, 2015 - Most of us make a resolution every year to exercise more, buy a membership in a gym, then get too busy to follow through. But do not let this be your approach to exercising your business continuity plans because the future of your organization -- not to mention the safety of your employees -- could rest on those exercises getting done regularly. When was the last time you tested your plan? Has it been a while? Well, read on and start planning your next tabletop exercise. 

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