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12/16/2015 - Safety at Home

We all know that things go better at work when we’re not worried about our families and things at home. This is why we do our annual safety-at-home issue of the NewsBriefs, and we hope it will help give you and yours peace of mind during the holidays and beyond. Share this information with your employees and co-workers.


12/09/2015 - Testing and Training

When was the last time you tested your business continuity plan? If you answered “never,” you are not alone. And, if you tested your plan and you had problems, you’re among the majority. In spite of this, many companies do not test or exercise their plans regularly. People move on, processes change, vendors come and go... all of these changes should prompt updating and testing. Perhaps an exercise would be a good way to start off 2016. These NewsBriefs could be of help.


12/02/2015 - Winter Weather Preparedness

We've already seen winter weather hit some parts of the country, and things are bound to get snowier and icier before we see the end of it. Have you prepared a plan for the continuity of your business operations during winter storms... and also in the aftermath? If not, don't wait until the blizzard hits to think about this important topic. Use these articles to focus your efforts on making it through with the least impact.


11/18/2015 - After the Disaster...

These days, most people have business continuity plans. They spend a lot of time and resources on learning what could go wrong and how to prevent and mitigate those possibilities as well as getting through disruptions and disasters. Many companies, however, fail to spend sufficient time on what to do AFTER the disaster. This issue focused on those concerns; review these with your team and see if your recovery plan is sufficient for your needs.


11/11/2015 - Holiday Issues

The stores are decorated, holiday movies are showing and it’s the season to be jolly. Is your organization having a holiday party to celebrate? If so, you might want to check out this issue so you can avoid the things that could create liability for you. Share item #4 with your coworkers. Also, there are some tips for continuity over the holidays, and, finally, can you identify with these risks that are unique to Santa’s efforts?


11/04/2015 - Business Continuity Planning

There are lots of reasons organizations don't have business continuity plans or don't have working business continuity plans. Maybe the senior leadership isn't interested in putting much money into what they view as a cost center. Perhaps they are suffering from "it-won't-happen-here" syndrome. It is possible that no one has really sat down and identified the potential for disruptions or simply has not the time or resources to figure out how to recover from those disruptions. Whatever the reason, it is definitely time to correct the situation. This issue can help you begin, refine, improve or rethink your plan... read on.


10/28/2015 - Risk Management

Who is in charge of managing risk in your organization? Or perhaps we should ask who's responsible... who's going to get the blame if things go wrong? The best approach to risk management is to develop an integrated program to which all parts of the organization – not just the C-suite, not only the risk management committee – contribute. The best results occur when everyone, from the Board of Directors on down, steps up and helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Perhaps this issues can help you begin to put such a process in place.


10/21/2015 - Business Interruption Insurance

By now, we all know how important it is to be able to get up and running as soon as possible after a business interruption. And it’s obvious that part of that recovery is having funds available to restore operations. You no doubt have business insurance, but how good is your business interruption coverage? And are you aware that there’s contingent BI in case the problem is not on your premises but on that of a customer and supplier? And what about cyber insurance? You can find more information about all these topics in this issue.


10/14/2015 - Crisis Communication

Crisis communication has been an important topic for a dozen years or more, yet we still see companies/organizations failing to follow the basic rules for communicating in a crisis. They either don’t make plans or they fail to carry them out. You simply cannot plan for or respond to a crisis once you’re in it; you must have done this work prior to its onset so you can hit the ground running. Have you factored in the effect of social media on your crisis response? Who are your spokespeople? If you can’t answer these questions, and your crisis communication plan is a work in progress, read on.


10/07/2015 - Meeting & Event Safety & Security

Attendee and employee safety and information security may be the most important concerns you have for every meeting/conference you sponsor, but there are hundreds of other details to consider as well. There’s no doubt you have a plan to cover all these concerns, but this issue might provide some additional information you can use to tweak your current plan.


09/30/2015 - Recovering from a Data Breach

According to the latest Verizon Data Breach report, 85 percent of organizations breached did not realize they had been compromised, sometimes for weeks or months. Often they only found out when alerted by a third party. So cyber-hackers can be at work in compromised networks -- as we have seen in many recent situations -- for weeks or months. The question, then, is what do you do once you find out your data has been compromised? This issue provides the answers.