Don't Just Make a Plan -- Use It!

You probably have an event contingency plan for every conference or large event that you do. The question is, after the plan is complete, what do you do with it? If you're not focusing on training and awareness before the event, you could be in trouble if you actually have to use the plan.

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Preparing to Face Today's Risks & Hazards: Is Your Organization Ready?

Knowing What to do Before, During and After a Disaster is the Key to Continuity of Operations. Organizations today need a comprehensive, integrated plan in place to protect people, property, technology, and, to the greatest degree possible, their reputation and financial viability in the face of a myriad of risks. Your disaster response and business continuity plans should cover as much as feasible and make business recovery possible. Overriding all, however, is personal safety and the need to preserve life. These are always the top priorities.

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A Planned Approach to Event Communications

Given the natural disasters and terrorist activity of the past several years, any organization that runs events should be prepared for anything that could happen. Check out this article, published in ENGAGE Magazine from MPI Potomac, written by Bob Mellinger of Attainium Corp.

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Do You Need Insurance For Your Next Event?

Hurricane. Wildfire. Earthquake. If disaster struck their meticulously planned event, would they have enough insurance? And would they know how to respond in a moment of real crisis?   from DoubleDutch

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PCMA POWER Chapter --- The Disaster Experience QuickFire with Bob Mellinger

On October 13th, 25 PCMA professionals gathered for lunch at The Kimpton Schofield Hotel in downtown Cleveland to participate in a Disaster Experience QuickFire conducted by Bob Mellinger, President of Attainium.

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MEETINGSNET --- "Do You Have an Emergency Plan?"

A plan without practice is just a suggestion. Find the time to do a tabletop simulation with your team to make sure every eventuality is covered.

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Evacuation Procedures: How Can Your Association Prepare?"

An Associations Now article by Samantha Whitehorne

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PCMA Convene

PCMA Convene published these two articles on event contingency planning with comments and insights from Bob Mellinger.

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When It Comes To Natural Disasters, A Plan Is Essential

Wendy Dietzler, Director of Education for NFM&T, writes about Natural Disasters and the how essential advance planning is, along with insights from Bob Mellinger of Attainium.

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Recovery at Risk: Aligning Your DR Plans with Business Priority

In this article for Peer to Peer Magazine, Bob Mellinger, founder and president of Attainium Corp, provides guidance to ensure that your Disaster Recovery Plan aligns with your business priorities. (International Legal Technology Association)

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Association Tech News Extra: An Interview with Bob Mellinger

Disasters hit unexpectedly and there are various kinds. The one thing that should be established is how your organization will handle those events. Bob Mellinger from Attainium joined George Breeden to share what organizations can do to prepare a disaster recovery plan.

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