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Latest Articles, Blogs & NewsBriefs

Ready or Not: Hurricane Season Meets Pandemic and Protests

One can't help but think about the ongoing pandemic with its threat of a second surge, the coming hurricane season, and, in many areas, the recent protests. All of these have damaged, or have the potential to damage, or at the very least disrupt, business operations and cause a great deal of stress. It’s not a zombie apocalypse, but it might be close, depending on how the months ahead play out. 

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Cancel, Postpone, or Go Virtual? How are you handling the pandemic meetings challenge?

Who knows when face-to-face meetings will again be possible? There are some large face-to-face meetings now being held in China and other Asia Pacific nations, but only under extremely strict guidelines and sanitary procedures. That also could be the case in the US, but nobody knows when the "all clear" might sound. We do have to start planning for such meetings in case they can happen, but we also have to decide what to do if they don't. 

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Podcast: Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

from BBB National Programs Podcasts

Not that long ago, none of us would have guessed we’d have to manage a pandemic. One thing we can learn from this is that being prepared for any surprise is imperative. Bob Mellinger of Attainium Corp, @Attainium, shares insights on how to plan for the unexpected.

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Returning to Work after COVID-19: What to Know and Do

Reopening businesses and getting back to a more normal work situation will be different for everyone. The first thing is to realize that nobody will be returning to things the way they were. "Normal" will not be what we are used to. There are many things that will need to be done before you can welcome employees to the workplace again - and before they will feel comfortable returning to the workplace after this pandemic.  

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Webinar: Crisis Management for Your Meetings and Events

Hosted by Matrix Group International

Recently, Bob Mellinger, @Attainium, joined Joanna Pineda, @MatrixGroup, for a webinar - Crisis Management for Your Meetings and Events - where we shared a solid framework for managing crises & making tough decisions about your upcoming meetings.

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